Famous Historical Sites in Pakistan to Visit

Pakistan is an area rich in its social history and variety. There are numerous verifiable spots in Pakistan that have the right to be capable by everybody. You will get to know about some Historical Sites in Pakistan.

Truth be told, we are home to a lot of United Nations World Heritage locales. These locales are ensured by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). What’s more, they are places that you should head out to.

Other than that, Pakistan’s social, normal and archeological locales should be believed to be accepted. Here is a rundown of authentic spots in Pakistan that have the right to be on your movement schedule.

List of Pakistan’s Most Historically Significant Structures:


  • 1. Hiran Minar , Sheikhupura
  • 2. Noor Mahal , Bahawalpur
  • 3. Wazir Khan Mosque
  • 4. Mohenjo Daro , Sindh
  • 5. Minar e Pakistan , Lahore
  • 6. Tomb of Jahangir , Lahore
  • 7. Shalimar Gardens
  • 8. Rohtas Fort
  • 9. Makli Necropolis , Thatta
  • 10. Taxila
  • 11. Takht-i-Bahi

Hiran Minar , Sheikhupura:

Hiran Minar, in Sheikhupura, is said to be the grave of ‘Mansraj.’ Jahangir’s pet deer during his reign as Mughal emperor.

Noor Mahal , Bahawalpur:

Historical Sites in Pakistan, Nawab Subah Sadiq Muhammad Khan IV erected this one-hundred-and-fifty-year-old palace in Bahawalpur for his wife. Due to the vicinity to the Basti Maluk Shah graveyard, his wife only slept in the palace for one night.

Wazir Khan Mosque:

Historical Sites in Pakistan, In 1634, Shaikh Ilm-ud-din Ansari, the Viceroy of Punjab under Shah Jahan, established this temple of devotion. It was constructed during a seven-year period.

Mohenjo Daro , Sindh:

Mohenjo Daro is an archeological site found in 1921. It is important for the well known Indus Valley Civilization and offers likenesses to Harappa. These remainders of the world’s most seasoned progress have been arranged by UNESCO as a secured legacy site.

Mohenjo Daro, history says , was one of the largest cities of the Indus Valley civilizaton.

Minar e Pakistan , Lahore:

Minar-e-Pakistan was worked to recognize the Lahore Resolution on March, 23, 1940. Remaining at eight meters tall, the pinnacle was developed throughout eight years.

Tomb of Jahangir , Lahore:

The Tomb of Jahangir situated in Shahdara, rural Lahore. Jahangir’s child Shah Jahan had his catacomb worked along the banks of the Ravi River.

Shalimar Gardens:

Shalimar Gardens is a Persian nursery complex worked by the Mughals. It is additionally an UNESCO secured World Heritage site.

The Mughals gave responsibility for complex to the Arain Mian family for their administrations. General Ayub Khan nationalized it in 1962.

Rohtas Fort:

Historical Sites in Pakistan,This UNESCO secured world legacy site was worked by Afghan lord Farid Khan, otherwise called Sher Shah Suri in the sixteenth century.The Afghan-Persian architectural layout of the fort took eight years to build.

Makli Necropolis , Thatta:

This is the world’s biggest burial service site, spread over a space of an expected 10 square kilometers. This world legacy site is situated in the city of Thatta, the previous capital of middle age Sindh.


This archeological site in Taxila gives proof of how an antiquated human progress spread out from the first Indus Valley development. Other than that, it portrays the phases of advancement affected by Persia, Greece and Central Asia.

It has some Buddhist relics. Additionally it filled in as the passage point of renowned Macedonian trespasser, Alexander the Great.

Takht i Bahi:

These remainders of Buddhist settlements and cloisters are from the Gandhara area of Pakistan. A demolished city close to the priest’s mind-boggling. It is likewise secured under UNESCO’s World Heritage locales.

I hope you guys find some good places in Pakistan and believe me these are awesome and mind-blowing places and one should visit these in own life, to read more Visit

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