Best 10 Foods For Healthy Heart To Protect Arteries

Top 10 Heart Healthy Foods To Protect Arteries

Heart disease is a fatal disease that may invite sudden death. Most of the women living in the United States are the patients of heart disease. As per the recent survey, it is concluded that 44 million women of the United States are suffering from cardiovascular disease, and every third woman out of three dies with this fatal disease. Coronary Artery Disease is also a common disease that leads to severe heart attack and this happens to those who do not take heart healthy foods in their daily life.

The reason for Coronary Artery disease is only due to the building up plaque inside the narrow blood vessels that create a restriction for easy flow of blood through the artery. Eventually, blood does not supply to the heart and cause a heart attack or cardiac failure. Therefore here is the need to know how to prevent a heart attack by adopting different ways of lifestyle. Diet is the first prevention that can control or influence the management of the disease.

In order to maintainHealthy Heart , you have to plan first healthy diets that play a vital role in the prevention of heart attack. Antioxidants, Omega 3 fatty acids, and fiber foods are very important to provide safeguards to the heart and also help in cleaning the arteries.

Following are the best heart healthy diets that keep your heart active and strong: Heart Healthy Foods List:

1: Use of Avocados

There is nothing for which Avocados does not work. It is very helpful for the arteries and heart muscles. The main function of this heart healthy fruit plays an important role. It increases the ratio of good cholesterol (HDL) and decreases the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body. Basically, Potassium is the main element that is present in Avocado Foods For Healthy Heart in more quantity as compared to banana. It is very useful for the prevention of cardiovascular disease and narrow arteries.

How To Use It: Make it a habit to use Avocado in your routine meals. You can add it in the sandwich, tuna salad, chicken salad or you can also drink its shake on a daily basis.

2: Use of Broccoli

Broccoli Foods For Healthy Heart is also just like whole grains. It is also a treasure of fiber and plays a significant role in boosting heart health. Cabbage, Cauliflower, Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli are very useful for the prevention of heart disease or clogged heart vessels and improves the blood flow in the arteries.

How To Use It: There are a variety of ways to use and extract the actual essence of broccoli. If you have planned to use broccoli then make it a habit in your regular diet. It will also boost the immune system to fight against fatal diseases and make you healthy and strong.

3: Use of Fatty Fish For Healthy Heart 

We have been listening since the inception that fat is a dangerous element for the heart and blood arteries but it does not mean that all fats are dangerous for health. Therefore before using fat, it is important to know either it is healthy or bad fat for health.

Similar to Avocado Foods For Healthy Heart as discussed above, fish also carries packets of healthy fats which are very essential for maintaining heart health. Basically, unsaturated fats are very important and beneficial for the heart and other organs of the body. Fish also contains unsaturated fat in which fatty acid omega-3 is used to reduce the level of triglycerides in the body and minimize the chance of heart attack.

How To Use It: You can use fatty fish in a variety of ways like in the form of salmon, mackerel, or tuna. Make it habit 1 to 4 times a week in the winter season to obtain maximum benefits. You can also use different supplements of fish oil or eating white meat of fish, both are beneficial and useful for heart prevention.

4: Use of Nuts For Healthy Heart 

Nuts play a vital role in heart health and are considered powerhouses. Nuts consist of fiber, vitamins, and unsaturated fats which are very essential for strengthening the muscles and veins of the heart. You can use Brazil nuts, cashews, and almonds for getting unsaturated fats and magnesium in very high quantities. The main role of the magnesium is to decrease the effect of buildup plaque in the veins and act as anti-clogging for arteries.

How To use It: It has been recommended by the American Heart Association that one must use 3 to 5 servings of nuts per week to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

5: Use of Turmeric For Healthy Heart 

Turmeric is a powerful antibiotic, anti-analgesic, and anti-inflammatory natural product. It helps in reducing the risk of damages in arteries and repair the inside walls of arteries. It also reduces the inflammation of the arteries. The recent study depicts that is also an antioxidant and used to lower the rate of fats in the body.

How To Use It: The best way to get maximum benefit is to take Turmeric tea. This is the only way through which you make your life active and healthy.

6: Use of Olive Oil

Have you fed up of hearing unsaturated fat? If not, there is another delicious fruit that has hundreds of benefits and popular all over the world due to versatile qualities. It consists of monounsaturated oleic acid which reacts faster than others and very useful For Healthy Heart and arteries. By the regular use of olive oil, one can be saved from cardiovascular attack and disease.

How To Use It: You can use it by spreading on the salads or in cooking. But always use extra virgin olive oil to get the maximum health benefits. To get maximum vitamins and antioxidant benefits, purchase its pure form, and avoid pumas oil refining.

7: Use of Coffee Healthy Heart

Definitely, the coffee lovers will be happy by listening to this good news that coffee helps in cleaning up the blood arteries. As per the recent study, if you take three cups of coffee daily then it will decrease the risk rate of heart disease. It helps in developing atherosclerosis and boosts up the immune system.

How To Use It: Taking 3 cups of coffee daily is more beneficial for the heart but avoid adding sugar and cream in Coffee. Keeping in view its amazing benefits always take black coffee.

8: Use of Pomegranate

Pomegranate juice is very beneficial for the prevention of heart attack and sudden stroke. By the regular use of pomegranate, you will help to remove clogs in arteries and improves regular and normal blood flows in the vessels. Pomegranate is also a powerful antioxidant that produces Nitric oxide in the blood and resultantly cleans up blood vessels.

How To Use It: Take pomegranate juice on a daily basis without adding sugar or any sweet snack. The seeds of pomegranate are also useful for the digestive system and strengthen the heart.

9: Use of Citrus

Vitamin C and antioxidants are very useful for arteries’ health. In citrus fruits, both elements are found in plenty. As per the research, vitamin C is a very powerful citrus fruit that helps in lowing the bad cholesterol in the body and protect the blood vessels and heart arteries.

How To Use It: Make it a habit to drink lemon water frequently throughout the day and take fresh juices of grapefruit and orange. Bergamot is also a very useful fruit that helps in decreasing the level of cholesterol in the body and acts like statin medicine.

10: Use of Whole Grains

In the dietary plan, whole grains play a very important role in the body as it reduces the level of cholesterol and fights against heart disease. According to recent research, the fiber in whole grains acts to repairs arteries’ walls and improve the blood flow in the body.

How To Use It: According to the researchers, mostly half of the grains come from whole grains. If a person takes daily 25 grams of whole grain fiber per day for men and 34 grams for women then it protects you from the sudden stroke and acute heart disease.

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