Best 10 Places for Tourist in Azad Kashmir Pakistan

Best 10 Places for Tourist in Azad Kashmir Pakistan

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Of all the hypnotizing vacation spots in Pakistan, Azad Kashmir is one that resists any remaining cases of matchless quality “Best 10 Places for Tourist in Azad Kashmir Pakistan”

Nothing matches its imperativeness and it is in no way like elsewhere. No big surprise, we actually are quarreling with our loud neighbors over hold of this Paradise.

Azad Kashmir is an all around the world perceived paradise. It is all because of the lively green valleys that constrain you to never flutter your eyelashes once you notice it. It’s anything but a position of streams, plentiful lakes and an untamed life experience to encounter. This piece of the country is eminent from one side of the planet to the other really high; sumptuous green valleys, incredible streams, awesome lakes, and amazing untamed life. Considering where to design your next excursion? Europe can stand by; you rather need to depend on the top attractions in Pakistan.

Why? Here’s why…

The following are the must-see attractions in Azad Kashmir:


Attractions for tourists must be compelling. This is without a doubt the case. Blue waters and lush flora are as beautiful as they come. This is God’s greatest gift to mankind, which is thankfully located in Pakistan’s Azad Kashmir. Neelum Valley is one of Pakistan’s most popular tourist destinations. There are numerous suburbs and small town settlements, as well as lakes, hiking trails, and mountain passes.


A well-known town in Azad Kashmir that also serves as the Poonch district headquarters. A beautiful valley nestled among steep hills about 80 kilometres between Islamabad and Rawalpindi. If you are in the national capital or Rawalpindi, you can quickly access the location and make the most of it because it is only 80 kilometres away.

It is always recommended that you visit in the summer because, as a northern place, it is likely to be a savage in the winter. Rawalakot’s exquisite beauty shines brighter in the summer. When visiting this area, be sure to stop by the well-known tourist attractions of Tatta Pani, Sudhngalli, and Toli Pir.



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