Best 5 parks in Islamabad- Life in Islamabad

Best 5 parks in Islamabad- Life in Islamabad

Picnic spots and family parks exist in Islamabad, we will let you know about Best 5 parks in Islamabad- Life in Islamabad, Pakistan’s greenest metropolis and one of the world’s most attractive capitals.

The Green Area in Islamabad is planned and maintained by the Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation and the Capital Development Authority. Islamabad’s capital, which is separated into eight zones, has an area of 85 square miles dedicated to parks. The Green Location is another name for this area. There are numerous things to see and do in Islamabad, but the parks in Green City stand out.

1. Shakarparian National Park

Situated in beautiful perspectives is the Shakarparian National park. It is a public park and a carnival situated close to Zero Point, Islamabad. The recreation center has additionally housed the absolute most renowned vacation spots in Islamabad including the Pakistan Monument and Pakistan Monument Museum.

The old Gakhars clan pioneers settled here before the Indo-Pak parcel in 1947; later the family was migrated to make a recreation center for the recently stamped government capital of the country in 1960-61.

One more fascinating thing about the recreation center is that this is where the Parade ground is found which has the Pakistan Day Parade each year on 23 March. It’s one of the oldest and beautiful parks in Best 5 parks in Islamabad.

According to news, New Islamabad Cricket Stadium- Under Construction near Shakar Parian.

2. Fatima Jinnah Park

Fatima Jinnah Park likewise referred to among the majority as Capital Park or F-9 Park is a public sporting park. This is probably the greatest park in Pakistan and is spread across the entire area F9.

At 304 hectares (750 sections of land), it is only more modest than New York’s Central Park. It was planned by Michael Japero, and it was initiated in 1992.

Aside from green patches and untamed life safe-haven, the recreation center is additionally known for its sporting exercises. It has a Megazone complex, which incorporates a games zone with a standard-length pool and tables for table tennis and snooker.

The complex likewise incorporates offices for bowling, arcade games, laser tag, and different games; regions for cheap food and feasting; and a combination of shops for garments, DVDs, and different things.

The recreation center additionally Mc’donalds inside the area which implies you can partake in your cherished supper after a walk around the recreation center.

Additionally, the recreation center hosts standard presentations and celebrations. So in case you are up for a pleasant day, think about Fatima Jinnah Park which is heart of Best 5 parks in Islamabad.

3. Rose And Jasmine Garden

If we talk about Best 5 parks in Islamabad, Rose and Jasmine Garden is the one that should be mentioned in it, Rose and Jasmine Garden is a public Garden situated inside the sporting facility of Shakarparian close to Sports Complex Aabpara, on Kashmir Highway in Islamabad, Capital Territory, Pakistan.

It is an excellent fix known for its vivid emanation and a wide assortment of blossoms and bushes. As the name recommends, the predominant types of greenery found in the nursery are roses and jasmine. In case you are somebody who needs a getaway from the standard metropolitan life, then, at that point, visit the popular Margalla Hills in Islamabad, Pakistan.

The nursery runs under the organization of the Capital Development Authority.

The nursery is situated close to the Pakistan-China focus, it is available through Pakistan’s landmark street. Individuals who visit Pakistan Monument and Shakarparian additionally visit this dazzling nursery.

A portion of the Park here include:


Cookout point

Strolling and running track

Cycling track

Racing Track



Stopping region

The recreation center likewise has customary bloom displays and blossom game plan shows. In case you are an enthusiast of cultivating or blossoms, this spot ought to be on your rundown without a doubt.

4. Lake View Park

Lake view is the main park in Best 5 parks in Islamabad. Visitors can participate in a variety of activities at the park, including walking along the riverbank while contemplating the city’s famed skyline, watching exotic birds near the bank, and participating in water sports. You may also make the most of your vacation by planning a full-day picnic with your children, family, or friends at the park — spread a gingham blanket, bring some samosas, and order a steaming cup of chai from one of the park’s cafes, and the park will make you forget about everything. You can also participate in a variety of outdoor activities like boating, horseback riding, and bird watching at Pakistan’s largest aviary.

Lake View Park also features Pakistan’s largest aviary, which is home to a significant number of species. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has given a passenger train trip and golf cart amenities to guests due to the park’s size.

Basically, Lake View Park Islamabad has almost everything one might want. It is one of Islamabad’s must-see attractions of Best 5 parks in Islamabad.

5. Japanese Children’s Park – Parks for children in Islamabad

The park, which is located in the Margalla Hills’ foothills, is a symbol of strong ties between Japan and Pakistan. The park was opened by the Japanese government for Pakistani children, as one might assume.

The park features a variety of rides and swings for kids, including monkey bars, treehouses, horseback riding, and other kid-friendly attractions. The park’s trees are quite similar to those found in Japan, thus they resemble a scene from one of the country’s parks. While the kids are having fun on the rides, you may jog on the tracks. Because the field is large enough, it is great for playing cricket or football while your children run around in Best 5 parks in Islamabad- Life in Islamabad.

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