Best Chaaye (Tea) Places in Islamabad

Chaaye Places in Islamabad

Here are some Chaaye Places in Islamabad:

Secret Sky:

پہلی چائے کی چسکی جیسا ہے
کیا بتاؤں وُہ شوخ کیسا ہے

The perfect hangout spot in the bustling capital!
A unique outdoor setting under Islamabad’s poetic sky, designed to delight you appetite and be a source of good vibes for your soul.
📍Idrees Market, F-10/2 Islamabad.
📍Street 16, Rana market, F-7/2 Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan-44000
Mobile Phone: 0342 9726168
Its newly opened branch F-7 is the best Chaaye Place in Islamabad

Chai Mehfil:

حضرت ! کبھی تو آئیے درگاہِ عشق میں
چائے بھی پِلائی جائے گی قوالیوں کے ساتھ


Chaaye Place in Islamabad

Chaye Khana :

Chaye khana is the oldest chaye breakfast place in Islamabad with a variety of Chaye.

Just see here

Tea O’Clock- Chaaye Places in Islamabad:

بے وَفائی کی خیر ہے لیکن
ہائے ظالم نے چائے نہ پوچھی

Tea o clock interloca is the first international local cafe of the capital . It’s the place to gather with the family or friends and enjoy great tea snacks or light meal.
Alongside our signature Karak tea , we have ample options – hot or cold – for all the non-tea drinkers . We have a selection of fine shakes and smoothies and you can always try our ever popular chocolate brownie shake.
Our food menu has a great selection of hot deli-style burgers and sandwiches that are delicious at any time of the day, and our speciality the mini steak is always praised – the place is open very late night , welcome aboard.

Naan Dhaba:

وہ  یوں  ہی  اپنی محبّت  کو نیا  موڑ  دیتا  ہے
آدھی چائے پیتا ہے باقی میرے لئے چھوڑ دیتا ہے

We make scrumptious quality stuffed naans to satisfy your cravings!!! A variety of perfect “Desi” & “Continental” recipes and our Master Chef does complete justice to each one of them! By carefully selecting our menu, we cater from the youngest to the eldest “Naan Lover”!
Come, eat & enjoy with us and don’t forget to try your very own Naan Dhaaba Special Naans! Chaaye Places in Islamabad
Mobile: 0343 2226226



چائے کا ذائقہ نہیں آتا
کچھ دنوں سے خفا خفا ہے کوئی

Newly opened Cafe Chaalado, F-6 Islamabad

So far its favourite for chaye lovers, they provide ludo games etc

(051) 8743055

Chai O’Clock:
تمھیں الجھن ہے چائے سے
مجھے پھر بھول جاؤ تم
A unique Place for Families and long lost friends to enjoy quality grouping over a cup of Tea and Mouthwatering Eats.
چاۓ گرم، پراٹھے نرم، باقی اللّٰہ کا کرم۔


ایک  فتویٰ  ہم  پر  بھی۔۔۔
ہم چائے کو جان کہتے ہیں۔

Chaipotle idea to have a tea-centric cafe in a nation, that consumes more tea per capita than any other country, grew stronger with time and in the absence of any viable hang-out options for the family who loves a good book with their tea.

Chai Wala:

Chai Wala is your one-stop chai and chilling destination. We serve a range of traditional and artisanal beverages and snacks. Our focus is not only on the quality of our products and services, but equally on the provision of a relaxed, welcoming and open atmosphere that you can enjoy with your friends and family!

And the local one the most favourite for so many people is

Quetta Chaaye Khana:

جب بھی پریشان ھوتا ہوں
چاے کا مہمان ھوتا ہوں


If you want to take TEA must visit these Chaaye Places in Islamabad.

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