Can Clothes And Shoes Track Covid-19 Into Your House?

Transmission of coronavirus via clothes is absurd but experts are saying urgent laundering is a good idea. At this point, there is no documented case of coronavirus transmission via clothing and shoes but take great care it can happen.

Clothes Are Low Risk

Covid-19 is a virus that causes flu-like respiratory illness. It is spread by respiratory droplets present in the air or when an infected person coughs and sneezes in close to another person it is an obvious means of direct transmission of coronavirus. As we know that coronavirus can survive outside the human body on distinct surfaces. When you touch that surface it results in transmission.

Jordan said, “Clothes are not hard surface but you should take care of your clothes when you are in close to an individual suffering from coronavirus”. Doing laundry is an important part of preventive hygiene. Some important steps must be followed :

✅ Keeping hands clean
✅ Not touch your face with unwashed hands
✅ Use of sanitizer and mask

If you want to control the transmission of coronavirus social distancing is the most adequate way.

Shoes are dirtier than clothes by their nature. They carry bacteria and other impurities into the home. Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a study in which they suggest that coronavirus can live on the soles of shoes. In this study, researchers took samples from the soles of shoes worn by medical staff members of the intensive care unit at a hospital. The result was that half of the samples tested positive. The virus can live on the soles of shoe but experts are agreed that shoes are not a source of Covid-19 transmission as we treat shoes a way they should be treated because we use them for protection. We don’t put them on the kitchen table. We don’t put them in our mouth. But take safety measures by cleaning them off or leaving them at door.

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