Digiskills‎ Freelancing Exercise 1 Solution Batch 10 || Hand On. 1

Digiskills‎ Freelancing Exercise 1 Solution Batch 10 || Hand On. 1

Digiskills‎ Freelancing Exercise 1 Solution Batch 10 || Hand On. 1

Digiskills‎ Freelancing Exercise 01 Solution

here is exercise solution you can download it from

Exercise File

Digiskills‎ Freelancing Exercise 1 Solution Batch 10 || Hand On. 1

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Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting this Hands-on Exercise:
• Use Microsoft Word to prepare exercise solution.
• You may consult tutorials and videos if the concept is not clear.
• Your submitted exercise will not be considered/counted if:
 It is submitted after due date.
 It is not in the required format (.doc or .docx)
 It does not open, or file is corrupt.
 It is copied (partial or full) from any source (websites, forums, groups, students, etc.)
Learning Outcome:
After completing this exercise, you shall be able to:
• Understand the scope and requirements of a job.
• Identify the right job that comes under your skillset/expertise.
• Write an appropriate bid/proposal based on a proper understanding of 7 effective bidding points.
• Define the deliverables for the selected job.
• Outline the cover letter to apply for a job as a professional seller/freelancer.
Hands-on Exercise No.04
Total Marks: 10
Due Date: 15/04/2021Problem statement:
Job selection is a crucial part for sellers to do freelancing. We have covered all the possible areas to train
you enough about finding the appropriate job, job evaluation, and applying for that job in your utmost
professional way. A cover letter/proposal to apply for any job is the very first way/step to come in a contact
with a potential buyer. So, it is the key to depict your skills, experience and professionalism as a seller.
The 7 effective bidding points were taught in Lesson 97-108. A few of these points can be used to draft a
cover letter in accordance with the job you are applying for.
1. Search for the appropriate job using appropriate/relevant keywords and pick the one that comes
under your skills/expertise. (Provide screenshot*)
2. Define the required deliverables in your own words after carefully reading the job description.
(Provide content*)
3. Identify the most appropriate effective bidding points that you may use in your cover letter to apply
for the selected job. (Provide content*)
4. Write an appropriate cover letter for the job mentioning the effective bidding points that you have
already selected based on the job requirements. (Provide content*)
Microsoft Word file with following item(s):
• Screenshots of Task-01
• Content of Task-02, 03 and 04
• You are required to watch the video lectures from Lesson 97-108 again.
• You can search/select the job from any freelance marketplace.
• You are not required to ‘Sign up’ on any freelance platform.
• Use relevant keyword(s) to search for an appropriate job post e.g., “Data Entry”.
• Choose the job according to your level of expertise.
• There is no need to include all the bidding points in your cover letter, you can include them
according to the job requirements.
Note: If you have any query related to Hands-on Exercise, then you can contact us via LMS using the
“Online Support” feature available on the “Home” page or you can call us at: 0304-111-1570.
BEST OF LUCK!How to submit solution file on LMS?
Please perform the following steps for submitting your solution using LMS:
1) Login to the LMS
2) Click on the Exercises button within the My Activities section

Digiskills WordPress Exercise 1 Batch 10 Solution

Digiskills‎ WordPress Exercise 1 Solution Batch10 || Hand On. 1|| Batch 10
Download exercise Solution Digiskills‎ WordPress Exercise ||Also view Digiskills‎ Freelancing Exercise


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