Faustjs Headless WordPress Framework

Faustjs Headless WordPress Framework

Faustjs headless WordPress framework

The Headless WordPress Framework is Faust.js. Faust.js is a set of tools that enable developing front-end apps using WordPress as the headless CMS a pleasure for both developers and publishers. This framework comprises a WordPress plugin, a set of npm packages, and instructions for building headless WordPress sites using React/Next.js/gatsby, and other frameworks.
Faust.js, a new headless framework that is open source and designed to run in any Node hosting environment, was just released. Next.js is used to build the framework, and it can handle both static site generation and server-side rendering.

It uses GraphQL to retrieve data and is the only framework that allows developers to query the WPGraphQL API without first learning GraphQL queries.

WordPress Plugin

The NPM packages and the WordPress plugin are the two most important components of Faust.js. You’ll need to install the plugin in addition to the npm packages to get the most out of headless.


Faustjs headless wordpress framework was in its soonest stages when WP Engine employed WPGraphQL engineer and maintainer Jason Bahl. The firm has been altogether putting resources into headless framework improvement, selecting extra engineers for drives pointed toward diminishing the grating of using WordPress as a headless CMS.

This is the center focal point of the new system – to permit designers to develop versatile, higher-performing locales with current frontend devices while keeping WordPress’ rich distributing experience.

Faust.js highlights content sneak peaks, support for custom post sorts, and underlying confirmation to permit paywalls, internet business, participation locales, and other usefulness that has generally been dangerous for headless destinations.

Why Choose Faust.js?

How does Faust.js contrast from existing headless options like the React-based Frontity structure?

Engineers building headless locales are captivated after Automattic obtained Frontity and the system’s maintainers eager to work all day on Gutenberg.

Utilizing a local area upheld headless structure can be a perilous suggestion for big business customers when its makers and maintainers are as of now not ready to contribute.

Frontity versus Faust

Frontity and Faust are comparative, the essential distinction being that Frontity centers around conveying a system on top of React while Faust is basically made in light of Next.js support,” Faust.js architect William Johnston clarified.

“This minor differential is vital and implies when you are using Faust you can exploit every one of the gigantic advantages of Next. It likewise allows Faust to zero in exclusively on the best way to make Headless WordPress a superior encounter, without concocting a full answer for front-end, hub base, static/server-side applications.”

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