How to stay physically active during self-Quarantine

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that the average person get 150 minutes balanced or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise every week, but the campus recreation facilities are closed due to covid-19, people are confused how to maintain their fitness but the people can achieve these recommendations at the home with limited space or with no certain equipment. Here are some tips to stay active while at home in self-quarantine.

Follow an Online Exercise Class:

 Take advantage of online exercise classes. Many videos are available on YouTube. Perform those exercises with an instructor and beware of your own limitations. You can stay active at home by playing games like Wii Sports.


 A Walk can help you to stay active even in small space, walking on the spot or walking around. If you want to go outside for a walk or exercise, make sure you are maintaining at least 1-meter distance from other people or acting upon the precautions (wearing a mask or gloves, etc)


A cerebration and deep breaths can help you to stay calm. Stay hydrated and eat healthily. Drink excess amount of water, avoid sugar-sweetened and acholic beverages. Limit the intake of sugar, fat, and salt. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Use whole grains instead of refined food.

Take Short Active Breaks During The Day:

You can use different home-based exercises to stay active like a knee to elbow, plank, back extensions, squats, side knee lifts, superman, bridge, chair dips, etc. Dancing, playing with children and gardening are other ways to stay active at home.

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