Winter sports enthusiasts, now is the time to pack your ski boots and accessories for a wonderful trip to Pakistan’s northern regions.

These are some of Pakistan’s most well-reviewed ski resorts that you should visit.

  • Malam Jabba Ski Resort
  • Naltar Valley Ski Resort
  • Nathiagali Ski Resort
  • Astore Valley Ski Resort
  • Fairy Meadows Ski Resort
  • Shimshal Ski Resort


Malam Jabba Ski Resort is the most wonderful ski resort arranged in the Hindu Kush scope of Swat Valley, found 9,199 ft. above ocean level. It is arranged 40 km east of Saidu Sharif and 314 km northwest of Islamabad. One of the most seasoned ski resorts in Pakistan, Malam Jabba Ski Resort is somewhat utilitarian right now, as it is being remodeled. The spot offers probably the best snow conditions for skiers in the locale. During winters, when the snow is thick and firm, skiers make some intriguing memories playing snow sports at Malam Jabba.

Individuals can appreciate snow tubing, skiing and skating on top of the snow-clad pinnacle. There are two 800 meter ski runs and kept up with pistes that offer various types of trouble levels both for amateurs and experts.

There are four chairlifts that have been remade. Aside from this, Malam Jabba ski resort will before long offer a 60-room five-star inn. An ice skating arena is additionally being created. The Ghorband Valley journeying trail and Saboney Valley traveling trail are presently open.

Malam Jabba draws in public just as worldwide skiers. The skiing season in Malam Jabba typically begins from January and finishes in March. The retreat is likewise available by means of street from Islamabad. It’s very nearly a 6-hour drive.


Malam Jabba is accessible via Peshawar International Airport. A three-hour trip from the airport will take you to Mingora. By road, it takes approximately two hours to reach the Malam Jabba peak from there.


Situated in the Karakoram mountain scope of Naltar Valley, in Gilgit-Baltistan, Naltar ski resort is quite possibly the most well known ski area in Pakistan. It is at a top height of 2,950 meters and has filled in as the fundamental office for the Ski Federation of Pakistan.

Other than this Pakistan National Ski Championship was likewise held here, where worldwide skiers accumulated from across the globe to partake in ski races and test their skiing abilities on the inclines of Naltar Ski Resort. There are diverse winter exercises in Pakistan like snowboarding, ice skating and ice hockey rivalries that are held at Naltar Ski Resort.


Do you know there is a ski office even in Nathiagali? For the individuals who live in Islamabad and head over to Nathiagali on an end of the week can do the equivalent even in winters, but there will be snow-clad mountains anticipating to invite you. This is an ideal skiing spot for amateurs in Pakistan. The magnificence of the snow covered pine woods is stunning.

There is a slant of 200 meters with lovely, charming perspectives on Miranjani and Mukshpuri mountains. One of the most-visited ski offices in Pakistan, there is likewise a ski lift for taking the competitors to the top. The making a trip time to Nathiagali is simply 2 to 2.5 hours from Islamabad.

In this way, Islambadians! What are you hanging tight for? Pack your ski boots and ski stuff and head over to the flawless white inclines of Nathiagali for an encounter that should not be taken lightly. The best an ideal opportunity to go skiing in Nathiagali is December and January.


One more secret heaven in Gilgit, the Astore Valley is at the substance of Nanga Parbat, which is very nearly 8,126 meters above ocean level. Rattu is a little town situated in the Astore District.

Rattu is home to experience sports, having a characteristic skiing incline and it additionally gives satisfactory offices to preparing in winter sports in Pakistan. It is one of the best skiing spots for novices in Pakistan.


Nanga Parbat sets the scenery for the charming Fairy Meadows, where you can skim through the snow-shrouded slants. You should journey to Fairy Meadows as there are no seat lifts. The best an ideal opportunity to ski at Fairy Meadows is from mid-December to March. You will not discover legitimate convenience here and a many individuals depend on hovels there for an overnight stay. Suggested for the individuals who love journeying and skiing both.


Situated in the north of Hunza Valley, Shimshal Ski Resort is one of the most well known ski resorts in Pakistan. Assuming you are going from Islamabad, it would require 22 hours to arrive at Hunza via vehicle.

You ought to go through the night at Hunza to adjust yourself to the high elevation of 2,500 meters above ocean level. In the first part of the day, require a four-hour drive and you’ll arrive at Shimshal Valley, which is just about 3,100 meters above ocean level.

To arrive at Shimshal Ski Resort, you need to additional trip for around six hours before you arrive at your objective. It may not be one of the simple to-get to ski resorts in Pakistan, on account of its area. Yet, it certainly is one of the most well known ski resorts in Pakistan.

Worldwide skiers from Austria have additionally directed a ski instructional course at Shimshal Ski Resort. Ski teachers Stefan Ager and Andreas Gumpenberger prepared novice skiers legitimate abilities for the well known winter sport in a 10-day skiing studio in 2016.

So, this was our pick of some of the best places to spend winters in Pakistan. If you are planning a trip to the northern areas this winter, then make sure you experience the thrill of skiing in the snow-dipped slopes of Pakistan’s famous ski resorts.


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