Psychological Effect Of Covid-19 Pandemic On Social Life

Psychological Effect Of Covid-19

Covid-19 Pandemic & Social Life

Covid-19 Pandemic has badly impacted on the social life of individuals and many housing societies. There is a need for strategic planning to mitigate this effect by following the comprehensive theoretical framework. Corona Virus Disease has a high rate of fatality and infectivity due to which it has left psychological impact all over the world and causing financial losses, economic burden, and hysteria. A fear of coronavirus usually known as “Coronaphobia” has developed excessive psychiatric signs among the different societies and communities. People are so conscious and afraid of the effect of Covid-19 and searching different topics from GoogleScholar with the keywords; “quarantine”, “Pandemic effect”, “SARS-CoV2”, “Psychosocial”, “Coronavirus treatment”, “Covid-19 vaccine” and many others.

In order to combat the spread of coronavirus, a forceful lockdown had been implemented by nations all over the world. By sitting homes, people started to see social media and observed depression, paranoia, hoarding, obsessive behaviors, anxiety, and acute panic.

Psychosocial Burden of Isolation And Quarantine

It is a reality that Covid-19 has threatened the people both mentally and physically. It has also observed that Coronavirus has less affected the children but these children could be more affected in the psychological progress as they are considered more important as compared to adults. During the lockdown or even to date, schools are closed. All offices except banks were closed. People were sitting at home to reduce the spread rate of coronavirus. During this stay at home, involvement in social media increased which destroyed the psychiatric health of people.

Frustration, Aggression And Stress Disorder & Psychological Effect Of Covid-19:

At the beginning of the Pandemic, the response of people to the Coronavirus infection was quite emotional. People were in extreme and severe fear and anxiety. These factors consequently left a negative impact on the behavior of societies and invited the destruction of mental health such as; hysteria, frustration, aggression, depression, insomnia, and general anxiety. As per the previous comparison of different theories, it has revealed that confirmed Covid-19 patient, always remains in isolation. The quarantine factor enhances frustration, anger, and fear of loneness in the patients. Similarly, there is another group of people who are survivors and taking extra precautionary measures to get themselves safe from the infection. These people are facing great mental health around the clock. As per the recent study conducted in the hospital where doctors and nurses are working day and night to provide medical care to Covid-19 patients are more on risk and stress as compared to those who have become the victim of coronavirus.

Covid 19 Impact On Social Life

Most of the people who are experiencing the symptoms and consequences of the confirmed COVID patients in the hospitals are more likely at risk to catch the infection from those patients. This is the main reason due to which they are more in depression and mental stress. There are many undeveloped countries such as Pakistan where depression is not only due to Covid-19 but there are many other factors like financial crisis, economic recession, and the burden of daily expenses. These factors are also playing the main role in stress disorder and anger. Many doctors who are working in Coronavirus patient wards in hospitals do not have proper safety kits and have seen the death of fellow doctors are more afraid and in constant depression.


Most of the uneducated people are in the view that Coronavirus is nothing. Some developed countries have planned to minimize the world population with this bio-war. But those people who have observed this reality are in constant fear which not only destroying the mental health of individuals but also affecting badly on communities. Here is the utmost need to also implement proper precautionary measures of mental health along with physical health. In Pakistan, there is a severe need to implement special helplines and online psychologists to facilitate and motivate people that how to take care of mental health and boost the immune system.

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