The Best Fitness Tools To Boost Immunity During Covid-19

The Best Fitness Tools To Boost Immunity During Covid-19

To stay at home during the current Pandemic can reduce the spread rate of Coronavirus as it is the best way to keep social distancing for catching the infection from other persons Boost Immunity During Covid-19. But staying at home does not mean giving up all kinds of body fitness activity rather they should continue routine exercise at home. Doing routine exercise is an easy way through which we can boost both physical and mental health but there are many other the best fitness tools to boost immunity that you can try during the stay at home. If you are not currently working and not conducting any exercise that you normally did at your office, university, or in a group then you must continue the same at home to keep yourself fit during the current pandemic.

Importance Of Exercise During Covid-19:

Although, doing routine exercise assists us in many ways but below are the key benefits that we get from exercise:

  • A person who does not perform any exercise activity usually becomes the victim of depression as exercise releases some sort of enzymes in the brain called endorphins and serotonin which are directly correlated with your mood and anxiety.
  • By doing regular exercise, you will get deep asleep and feel the energy in the body.
  • Chronic anxiety usually stresses the muscles of shoulders, neck, and back but if your muscles are strong enough will not be affected with anxiety.
  • Regular fitness exercise provides compliance with the daily goal.
  • With regular exercise, you can reduce the risk of a sudden stroke, heart attack, and diabetes.
  • The last but not least, it helps in boosting the immune system during the current Covid-19 pandemic that is the first and foremost need to fight against the infection.

How Does Covid-19 Destroy Mental And Physical Health?

A person who is suspected or confirmed Coronavirus patient may experience many health issues like taste or smell issue, disturbance in the dietary plan, and consumption of a large amount of calories and nuts that consequently leads towards weight gain. No outside activity for groceries, walking with family, office routine, purchasing fresh fruits, and vegetables are the main activities that may destroy physical health. Moreover, the financial crisis is the main factor that is being faced almost by everyone during this outbreak. This is the main factor that is destroying mental health.

Overeating by staying idle at home along with fear of financial expenses are the main factors of depression, chronic anxiety, boredom, sadness, and fear of the future. All these factors badly impact your physical and mental health.

The Ways To Be Active Despite Covid-19:

During the lockdown, all gyms are almost closed to maintain safe social distance and to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Although there are many other fitness tools to keep yourself active as per American Heart Association, every adult should keep on exercise for at least up to 150 minutes with normal intensity and 75 minutes with forceful intensity in a week. If you are experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of Covid-19 infection, you may consult with your Physician to commence fitness exercise at home. Your doctor will suggest to you how and when to start exercise according to prevailing symptoms.

Here are some recommendations to be active during or despite Covid-19:

1: Online Exercise Demo:

During the lockdown activity, you usually spend most of your time playing video games and on social media. Along with these activities, you can also search the online exercise videos with complete guidelines. There are also many studios and gyms which are providing this online facility to the viewers for getting online training.

 2: Attend Virtual Classes Boost Immunity During Covid-19:

If you are financially sound and staying at home due to the current outbreak then it is the golden opportunity for you to join online virtual classes to get fitness training from a physical trainer. For this purpose, you can get online registration to hire a personal trainer who can virtually take an exercise session for fitness training. You can also set a schedule as per your need and availability of time. This is the best way to utilize time in learning fitness tools from the experienced and professional trainer.

3: Gardening Hobby Boost Immunity During Covid-19:

Spending time during the current lockdown is very tough as it is not a specific time but you have to stay at home for the months. Therefore, in this situation, you need to make busy doing some activity at home. So gardening is the best hobby while staying at home. For those who have a garden facility at home can perform this healthy activity. By digging soil, choosing flower plants, planting new plants, walk around the garden is plenty enough to keep yourself fit. Although it is a hectic job you can make yourself and other family members busy in gardening.

4: Sports Activity Boost Immunity During Covid-19:

If you have a yard outside the home where you can easily maintain a distance of 6 feet from the public areas like sidewalks or parks then it is the best opportunity to conduct sports activity outside the home. For this purpose, you may install a badminton net in the courtyard to play badminton or make a square on the square yard to play four-square game.

There are many games which do not require any special equipment or skill. The following are few games which can easily be played in the courtyard:

  • You can play hide and seek by using a tag
  • Frisbee is also another option for body fitness
  • Play baseball or Wiffle ball games in the courtyard
  • Make a proper setup to play a football game with kids and family members.

5: Routine Family Walks:

A routine walk is something unique and beneficial to be healthy and fit. You can go for a walk along with your family members keeping in view the standard operating procedures of social distance. It is also pertinent to mention here to avoid crowded areas and those places where contact with others is unavoidable. It is, therefore, necessary to select the safe time i.e early in the morning or late evening when fewer people go out or select permitted hours as set by Government.

Walking is the best exercise for maintaining and boosting the immune system. It also keeps the person mentally and physically fit and healthy especially during the coronavirus.

6: Dance Activity:

Doing exercise is not meant to have well-designed hard work but its main objective is to strengthen the nervous and physical system. To improve heart efficiency, you may any activity like a dance party with kids or family members. The basic purpose of the dance is to activate all the feeble parts of the body. Just loud up the music and start dancing with kids until you feel tired. In this way, you will help the body to burn excess energy.

7: Cycling Exercise:

Cycling is a great idea, especially during the lockdown period. Just take a bicycle and have a safe ride by maintaining a safe social distance from other persons. Those persons who have adopted cycling exercise can easily overcome depression and even the adverse effect of coronavirus.

Cycling is a unique exercise that allows the blood to circulate in the body and activate all muscles and veins. It is therefore better to adopt this routine in daily life to keep yourself healthy and fit.

8: Increase Exercise Level Boost Immunity During Covid-19:

Staying at home for long means you are losing your activity level that automatically decreases immunity in the body. The purpose of self-quarantine during the lockdown to keep yourself safe from infection as well as to increase the immunity system so that in case of Covid infection, one can fight against it with strong immunity power.

Most of the people do not have any activity at home as they do not have kids or pets. They mostly spend their time watching movies and playing internet games. All these media entertainments slow down the working capacity and mental health as well. Sitting idle at home can invite many risky diseases like heart attack, cancer, and diabetes.

To enjoy a healthy life or be a part of the healthy public, you have to change lifestyles and spend more time exercise-related activities.

We have suggested here some sort of tips to keep yourself busy in various activities:

  • If you are working from home then try to do it at the standing counter.
  • If you are talking on the phone then try to walk around the garden or at least home
  • Try to get up early in the morning and make at least five rounds of the house.
  • Try to install a pullup bar at the front of the main door and use it while going in or out.

Psychological Effect Of Covid-19 Pandemic On Social Life

Closing Remarks:

If you think to maintain fitness, you must have to join a gym or hire a special person for coaching then it is quite wrong. The actual objective of the exercise is to keep yourself in different activities so that you feel good physically and mentally during or even after Covid-19.

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