What Are Risk Factors Of Autoimmune Disease?

What Are Risk Factors Of Autoimmune Disease?

What Is Autoimmune Disease?

The immune system plays an important role in the protection of infection and various body diseases. But due to some reason, if you become the victim of autoimmune disease then your immune system starts attacking the healthy cells of the body erroneously due to which many parts of the body affect badly. There is no certain reason for the immune disease but the tendency of this disease usually found in the woman particularly Hispanic, African, and Native American women. Risk factors of autoimmune disease may or may not depend on the specific region Visit Us https://bloggub.com/ Risk Factors Of Autoimmune Disease.

What Is Autoimmune Disease List?

The basic reason for the autoimmune disease is when your body wrongly respond. In other words, we can say that when your immune system cannot differentiate between the healthy cell of the body and foreign cells due to which it erroneously attacks the normal cell of the body and destroy them. Till to now, medical science has observed more than 80 autoimmune diseases which leave badly effect on many parts of the body,bloggub health.

Although it is also present in men its ratio is on higher in women due to the following diseases:

1-     Lupus Disease: it is the disease that destroys many organs of the body like joints, skin, etc.

2-     Psoriatic Arthritis: it is the disease due to which people usually become the victim of Psoriasis

3-     Psoriasis Disease: in this disease, patients feel scaly and thick patches of the skin

4-     Rheumatoid Arthritis: This disease commonly attacks the joints of all bodies.

5-     Thyroid Diseases: in this disease, the thyroid hormone is called hyperthyroidism, and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis level decrease in the patient. It cannot produce much more levels of thyroid hormone as required to the body.

The seriousness of the disease varies from patient to patient as in some people it has chronic effects and in other the effect of the disease is mild. The doctor says, “There are a certain level of autoimmune disease that creates multiple factors in the body like environment, genetics and personal health.

Symptoms of Autoimmune Disease:

Although there are many symptoms of this disease which vary patient to patient there are the following common symptoms which are usually found in many people Risk Factors Of Autoimmune Disease:

  • Glands swelling
  • Repeated Fever
  • Digestive issues along with abdominal pain
  • Different skin issues
  • Swelling and joint pain
  • Fatigue

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms then it is very difficult to diagnose either it is due to autoimmune disease or any other reason as there is no specific test that can diagnose it. Physicians should take extra measures by correlating different symptoms to diagnose this disease or should to biopsy of the tissues. To diagnose this disease is difficult as compared to common disease as a physician has to combine different factors before seeking proper treatment.

Suppose if you are spending a normal life and suddenly you feel joint pain and fatigue in your body then you should consult with the Physician. Your doctor will evaluate you and closely observe the symptoms to rule out the actual disease.

Risk Factors Of Autoimmune Disease:

Till to date, medical science could not find out any specific reason for the autoimmune disease but as per various theories, it is said that the immune system wrongly attacks the body when a body faced injury or infection. The following are some risk factors which may cause autoimmune disorders:

Specific Medicines: frequent use of certain high blood pressure medicines and various types of antibiotics may trigger the symptoms of autoimmune disease. Moreover, Myopathy or muscle weakness is also an autoimmune disease that may cause due to the use of statins medicines. Before stopping any of the medicine, you must go to your physician for medical consultation.

Smoking: Smoking is also another factor that may trigger some autoimmune diseases like MS and hyperthyroidism, Arthritis, and lupus.

Overweight: Overweighting may also increase the risk of arthritis or psoriatic arthritis and by inserting more weight on the joint, it encourages inflammation and pain around the joints.

Genetics: There are certain types of disorders that are found in families like MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and lupus which invite the risk of autoimmune diseases.

Closing Remarks:

Keeping in view the above facts, we should avoid self-medication and consult with doctors as and when required. Avoid heavy antibiotics and should take healthy foods and exercise to boost the immune system in the body.

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